Brainchops :: missaw - Acid Mix for 030303 - January 2011 :: Mix

missaw - Acid Mix for 030303 - January 2011 :: Mix

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

acid mix for 030303, January 2011

Mix + Free Download

This bite-sized acid mix by missaw bounced its way into my inbox this morning as a little reminder about his gig at the 030303 party in Utrecht this weekend with Roy of the Ravers. It's made up of 50% unreleased tracks so check it out for a bit of a preview of his upcoming DJ set as well as what might be new releases brewing at The Centrifuge.


[Download | Event Info]

Automatic Tasty - Window Funk
The Weather Channel - Weather Channel 4*
Tudor Acid - Prephrase
brokeBust - The Ballad Of Frank Olson*
Global Goon - mAKE mE*
NeuteK - Orinoco* (Roy Of The Ravers' Centrifugal Force Mix)
Exillon - Minwarelectro
Mr Nibbles feat. NeuteK - 303EMU*
Cursor Miner - Millions Of Frogs*
Scrubber Fox - Acid Bass Rape On Tablets Of Power

*track appears on Acid Futures Volumes 1 & 2 by The Centrifuge (Free Download)

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