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Orbital Video Diary Documents Making Of New Album (2011) :: Video

Saturday, March 26, 2011

P&P share making of new album through video diary, updates on Facebook and Twitter

The brothers Hartnoll are back in the lab working on a new album, and this time they're sharing their progress with fans through periodic YouTube video diary uploads, Facebook posts and Twitter updates.  In their first charmingly sheepish video posted back in mid-February, we are introduced to "the map", a large scribbly thing looking something like a synthesizer schematic that is said to be a visual representation of their plans for the album. The Map hangs on the wall above their workstation, and though we can't decipher much on it, it shows us how much further along the guys are in their process.  My favorite bit in this video however is the brief live performance of one of their new tracks - it's sounding great!  Though they just put out the banging double-single Don't Stop Me / The Gun Is Good in 2010, their last full length Blue Album was released way back in 2004, so needless to say I am well excited for a new one.

Orbital - Video Diary Part 1 (16 Feb 2011):

Orbital - Video Diary Part 2 (18 Feb 2011):

Orbital - Video Diary Part 3 (4 Mar 2011):

Orbital - Video Diary Part 4 (14 Mar 2011) at Valencia gig:

Orbital - Video Diary Part 5 (25 Mar 2011):

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