Brainchops :: Polysick / SFVacid Split EP :: Review

Polysick / SFVacid Split EP :: Review

Sunday, October 3, 2010

polysick-sfvacid-splitPolysick / SFVacid
Split EP
[SWISHCOtheque :: 2010]

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Two acidsmiths from opposite sides of the planet have come together for a gorgeous Split EP full of 303 basslines, mellow grooves, dreamy synths and fun analog melodies to accompany you on your journey into space.  Italian composer Polysick and SFVacid from Southern California, U.S.A. transcend land and sea to pair up their own unique but complimentary styles.

If you like Polysick's debut album Meteo, you'll be happy to know that his four EP contributions feature the same quality programming and vibe, with a few new tricks thrown in for good measure.  Regardless of how busy the drums get, his tracks always maintain a soothing feel that often leave me daydreaming about 80's commercials.   A beautiful organ vibrato ebbs and flows within "King Midi" which is a sound you don't normally hear in an acid track, but a refreshing addition to the pallet.  "Footclap" is certainly the soundtrack to a midnight drive; with that relentless beat + Moroder-esque pads you can close your eyes and start to see the reflections of twinkly city lights moving across the hood of your black Ferrari Testarossa.   I can also hear a little bit of Polysick's nostalgic/new agey side project THEAWAYTEAM in "Romancid" which makes for a neat hybrid of the two styles.  (Review of forthcoming THEAWAYTEAM / Panabrite split tape coming soon.) 

SFVacid chimes in with a similarly italo-ish "Girlz" but kicks it up a gear or two with the hard hitting "Ashlands Slumbers".  "Sentimental Minds" reminds me a bit of the serious side of Ceephax Acid Crew... smooth rave, if there could be such a thing.  "New West Coast" is a doozy of a track, and though we've heard it before a la SFVacid's Passion Of The Weiss interview, this new version fits nicely within the context of the EP. That little melodic lead jam over those slowly wavering chords just does it for me.  SFVacid has to be producing some of the best acid coming out of the western United States right now.  (If you can get your hands on a copy of his CD-R release "Get Laid", I'd recommend doing so.)

Overall this Split EP is a solid and generous release from SWISHCOtheque that seems to have magically fallen from the sky. What a nice surprise to get new music from not 1, but 2 of my favorite artists right now, and all for free.

Listen To Sample Tracks:


1. P0lysick - Romancid
2. P0lysick - King Midi
3. P0lysick -  DCO2
4. P0lysick - Footclap
5. SFVacid -Girlz
5. SFVacid - Ashlands Slumbers
5. SFVacid -  Sentimental Minds
5. SFVacid -New West Coast

Download the Polysick / SFVacid Split EP :: 320kbps .MP3 (.ZIP) | Label Page

Connect with the artists :: P0lysick MySpace | SFVacid MySpace


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Spaced out acid goodness. Cool art too!

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