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Ceephax Recent Remixes Side-by-Side with Originals from Patrick Wolf, Errors, May Ling

Thursday, January 27, 2011

ceephax-remixesCeephax Acid Crew
Recent Remix Round-up

Ceephax dealt out a few remixes in the past year or so and I just wanted to wrangle them up into one place and reflect on his subtle but effective hand. The reworks below gave each of their original counterparts a pretty conservative makeover considering how extreme Ceephax's style can be at most times, but I feel that it resulted in pieces that made fans of both artists happy. Let's face it though - wouldn't it be gratifying to hear Andy flip everyone's wigs by turning some poppy vocal track into a pixelated, technicolor acid banger?

Patrick Wolf - Time Of My Life (Original)
Patrick Wolf - Time Of My Life (Ceephax Remix)

"Time Of My Life" is probably the most drastic of the lot, replacing Patrick's string-pop with signature Ceephax electronics. The acid sounds a bit restricted though... like a gradeschool kid squirming in his desk chair waiting to bolt for the door as soon as the recess bell rings. But I have to admit that he converted a track I wouldn't normally listen to into a must-have. Audiophiles who want more than an MP3 can get a free download of the uncompressed .WAV by signing up for the Patrick Wolf e-newsletter on his website. You can also grab this track on the vinyl release at shops like this one.

Errors - Jolomo (Original)

Errors - Jolomo (Ceephax Acid Crew Paisley Nightdrive Mix)

The original is a cool track to begin with, but somehow Ceephax made it cooler giving it his own flavor and a touch of italo. But it's a win/win in this situation, and I personally own both versions. You can buy this track on the Error's remix album called 'Celebrity Come Down With Me'. Digital seems to only be available in certain regions via iTunes and Boomkat, but anyone should be able to pick up the vinyl here.

May Ling - Jamaican Panda (Original)

May Ling - Jamaican Panda (Ceephax Remix)

Sure I like Casio beats, but I like Ceephax beats better. Plus he tightened things up by slicing a minute off the end, which I didn't mind at all. This remix is given away as part of a free album of May Ling remixes. [.ZIP]


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