Brainchops :: EOD - Utrecht (2010) :: Review

EOD - Utrecht (2010) :: Review

Saturday, October 30, 2010

[030303 :: 2010]

If you're one of those people who wonders if EOD is AFX, you're in for a treat:  he's not.  EOD is Stian Gjevik from Norway and his latest EP Utrecht is absolutely gorgeous, revealing that - surprise! - there are other artists (though few) capable of analog electro of the highest caliber.  Utrecht is currently available on 12" vinyl only, and having made it onto Juno's Recommended Electro charts almost instantly, it's bound to sell out.

030303 Records describes the mood of this release best,

"On the crossroads of electronics, twisted electro and classic UK techno, this is stuff that makes you want to, well…fly away and look down upon the dancefloor. EOD resides in Trondheim, Norway and we can see this fits into a landscape sparsely lit by the magical northern lights. A big six tracker for those who crave big portions of deep space!"

EOD - Utrecht

Title track "Utrecht" combines EOD's bassline and melody mastery with dreamy, uplifting pads that truly invoke a feeling of weightlessness.  The steady beat keeps this track danceable, that is if you can still feel your legs.  "Phontron (030303 Mix)" is a sparkling, joyful acid groover with an impeccable progression and cut 3, "You're Right" features a deliberate beat and minimal arrangement that makes you realize sometimes it's the space between the notes that make all the difference.  The main "theme" is so subtle yet so catchy, which kind of sums up EOD for me in a way.  His low-key internet presence and rare live performances suggest EOD is a humble artist that simply lets his music do the talking, and it speaks volumes.

EOD - Phontron (030303 Mix)

B-side opener "Flab", which was independently released in digital format some time ago on his website as part of EAP #010, gets a well deserved chance on wax and keeps things interesting with a faster pace and sinister acid feel.  If Flab is like a night of debauchery, the subsequent interlude "Came, Went" is like religious confession the morning after.   A warm organ sound plays out a thoughtful hymn full of reverence and cathedral reverb.  Last up is "On a Herald Go", also previously released by the artist independently as part of EAP #013 but now hard to find, featuring one of my absolute favorite melodies in an electronic track, ever.

EOD - On A Herald Go

Just when you thought this record couldn't be more magical, give it a spin at 33rpm for a completely different experience.  At 45rpm (matching up to sample sound bytes provided by the record label) you get an incredibly smooth but light, fluffy and fun long playing EP perfect for solitary listening as well as DJing to a braindance crowd.  But start it up at a slower 33rpm and you have a hot and heavy after hours album perfect for wooing someone special on a bearskin rug by the fire.  And it lasts longer.

I also suggest looking into EOD's prolific but evasive back catalog as his officially released albums are only just a small taste of his vast creativity and production skills.  As for the future, keep an eye on this talented artist; he is on his way and the only way is up.

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in my top 3 for 2010!

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This one is great as well:

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HOT rumour that there will be another EOD live show in London just before Bloc Weekend in March. you heard it here first!

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Thanx for the support! ;-)

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