Brainchops :: Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C & Fenix Funk 5 in "The Polynomial" :: Game

Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C & Fenix Funk 5 in "The Polynomial" :: Game

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The game was most likely not named after the song, but it is a match made in IDM heaven.  (Be sure to watch in 720p.)

I could stare at this forever.

The vivid color spectrum... all those geometric vector shapes and shimmery stars... the Tron-like glow... a truly awe-inspiring combo.  The game perhaps isn't as clever and intense as Devil's Tuning Fork or wacky and disorienting as LSD: Dream Emulator, but it sure is beautiful and can be customized to your musical taste.

"The Polynomial - Space of the music is a 3D spaceflight music game with abstract, mathematically generated scenery and models which are set to the music of your choice. You fly around in a very strange universe, shoot the enemies, meet and protect the friends, collect bonuses, fly through wormholes, and so on, all while rocking zoning out to the music."

"The Polynomial - Space of the music" is based on the Steam gaming platform.  Get it here.

Gameplay videos via Beatnaut


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