Brainchops :: New Orbital Single Due Out June 20th, 2010 :: Video

New Orbital Single Due Out June 20th, 2010 :: Video

Monday, May 24, 2010

Direct from (Official Orbital Website):

Legendary grandmasters of electronica, Orbital have just confirmed they will be releasing their first new material since 2004. ‘Don’t Stop Me’ and ‘The Gun is Good’ will be released on 20th June through iTunes and through all other digital retailers and as a Limited edition 12” on 27th June.

These tracks represent the signature Orbital sound, with hints of new elements, and definitely a few surprises, signifying a band still at their creative peak, 20 years since the release of their breakthrough debut single, ‘Chime’.

Release Date : 20TH JUNE 2010
Label: ACP Recordings

This is great news for all Orbital fans as we were lead to believe that the Blue Album (2004) would be their final bow-out. I suppose it would be difficult to keep playing live shows without writing anything new.

You can definitely hear the signature Orbital sound in the the track "Don't Stop Me" (video) but with newer elements as well. Though I'm on the fence regarding the vocals, I know how much P&P love the female voice so it's nothing out of the ordinary, and the rest of the production more than makes up for it. Anxious to hear the other "A-Side".


Anonymous said...

This is the 1st demo mix of the track, the release will have different vocals... said...

Good to know! I'm so anxious - June 20th can't come soon enough.

David Latona said...

Great read thankyyou

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