Brainchops :: Automatic Tasty - World Wide Web (2010) :: Review

Automatic Tasty - World Wide Web (2010) :: Review

Saturday, May 22, 2010

automatictasty-worldwidewebAutomatic Tasty
World Wide Web
[Acroplane :: 2010]
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Incoming Transfer... "World Wide Web", the latest packet of sound bytes served up by Irish electronic music composer Automatic Tasty is worthy of your bandwidth. 

This is a very cohesive album in sound, flow, skill, progression and vibe.  Its strict, analog electro sound contains hints of Accelerator-era F.S.O.L. syncopated basslines, Kraftwerk-like minimalism, the razor sharp beats of Adult., and a smidge of AFX Analord influence.  Every track is titled in theme, such as "Privacy Settings", "Oh Network of Networks!", and "Remote Access (Vertical67 Trojan Mix)", which really resonates the consistency of this collection of songs.  "ISDN Romance" and "Embedded Images" utilize a bit of a nu romantix bassline but capture the dance-ability without the cheesy pop aspect.  Tasty brings the tempo down a little bit on the moody "Come Down On Uploads", but keeps things interesting with warm synth tones and subtle pitch-bends.  These tracks are skillfully executed in both drum machine programming and overall song composition as they always contain a good balance of squelch and low end, interesting melodies, perfectly placed accents, and progress in all the right places.  From start to finish, "World Wide Web" maintains a deliciously braindancey feel and a memorable theme that will have you coming back to it again and again.

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automatictasty-worldwideweb-thumbAutomatic Tasty - World Wide Web
[Acroplane :: 2010]
12 tracks


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