Brainchops :: Global Goon - Quonesha EP (2011) :: Review + Interview + Exclusive Track

Global Goon - Quonesha EP (2011) :: Review + Interview + Exclusive Track

Saturday, February 19, 2011

gg-quoneshaepGlobal Goon
Quonesha EP
[J-HOK :: 2011]

Review + Free Download + Interview + Exclusive Track

If Global Goon's recent free album Quones left you wanting more then you'll be happy to know he has released a follow-up titled Quonesha EP, also available for free download.  In this 6-track encore, Goon extends the fun for another 22 minutes by revisiting some of the themes in Quones and pushing them even further. Vocals are back more prominent than ever in poppy track 'Squanity Twix' as a lonely robot sings, "touch me in the morning and touch me at night, touch me in the evening in the pale moonlight..." while more instrumental numbers like 'Techelec Know' and 'Wob and Cob II' are only lightly embellished with layers of the artist's unaltered voice.  That's not to say all the vocals are 100% perfect as they can be a tad pitchy at times, but never so much as to detract from a certain humble charm conveyed in this particular group of songs.  At the EP's halfway point, we enter into an entirely different vibe altogether with 'Melomimeees' combining warm low-end tb-303, kick drum 16ths, and various arcade game style sounds (think 'Bust-a-Move') with female vocal samples taken from what sounds like a late-'70s boogie vinyl grab.  Though this may sound like a crazy mish-mash of styles on paper, the result is a sexy acid-electro-funk dance floor groover in the same vein as his Quones title track, but faster and more kick-ass.  Despite the fact that he seems to be exploring new musical avenues, it just wouldn't be a Global Goon production without his signature expressive synths and bouncy electronic beats which are, much to the delight of long-time fans, very present throughout.

In addition to the Quonesha EP (and preceding album Quones), check out the exclusive track below "Chopped Brains" given to us by Johnny himself to share with you, the readers, as well as a brief interview giving us a little "behind the scenes" of his latest output.

Download Global Goon - Quonesha EP :: .ZIP (320kbps) | Download Page

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Download Global Goon - Chopped Brains :: MP3 (right click, save as)

A Quick Chat With Global Goon :: Interview

gg-djBc: Hi there, thanks for taking some time to answer a few of my questions. So, it seems you have been releasing a generous amount of material lately. To what can you attribute this recent burst of productivity? Perhaps we can all learn from it.

GG: Several things coincided.

(1) I got rid of the internet at my house (I'm typing this in the library/leisure centre)
(2) I decided to be more spontaneous - this in turn sped up my music making process
(3) I wanted to release music on J-HOK again, this inspired me to be more active

Bc: What made you decide to release this new batch of tracks as a companion piece to Quones rather than say, giving it an independent identity?

GG: The tracks belong together, Quones and daughter of Quones. They can be mixed and matched by the listener (they've been mastered to work together)

Bc: Has gigging more frequently had an effect on your more recent songwriting or how you go about shaping a track?

GG: I still don't do very many gigs, maybe 4 or 5 a year. Usually I start making dance-oriented tracks when I get back from gigs. I love to dance. I'm pretty wonky, but since I took up running, I'm fit enough to dance all night (again!)

Bc: Vocals have been creeping into your music more and more. What has inspired this?

GG: I spent a month or so a while back just listening to the Smiths and Joy Division and realised that I would love to make a track that people could sing along to.

Bc: Got any music recommendations for us? What have you been listening to lately?

GG: Smiths and Joy Division! I have no idea what else is going on. Oh I did listen to those stolen Aphex Twin tracks. Brought back many memories of our North London house and screech scrawking sounds coming from Richard's atomic absorption lab! Non music: I've just finished watching Battlestar Galactica, the reimagined series. Now I'm watching Stargate SG-1 which is pretty cheesy in comparison. If anyone has any tips for something closer to BSG then I'd love to hear them. [johnnyhawk (at) gmail (dot) com]

Bc: Any plans to tour outside the UK in the not too distant future?

GG: I'm playing in Malta this month, Croatia in a few months. No proper tours though - I have to look after my budgie.


Catch Global Goon tonight at Liquid Club in Malta - INFO


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