Brainchops :: Volitune - C EP (2010) :: Review

Volitune - C EP (2010) :: Review

Monday, May 17, 2010

[The Centrifuge :: 2010]
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There were a few awesome new releases over the weekend but the one that really stands out and satisfies my braindance bug is Volitune's "C" EP.  Along with his 5 new tracks come 3 excellent remixes by fellow electronic artists that are so varied, the whole collection feels like 8 unique tunes.  Volitune's sound is reminiscent of early IDM and oldskool-ish Detroit house but he waves his magic acid wand and whips up a new blend of sonically pleasing braindance laced with live bass guitar, creative riffs, and vintage gear.  Opening track "Exotica" is a fast-paced, jazzy, drill 'n bassy number that makes me wonder if Volitune's last name is secretly Jenkinson.  The 3 remixes of this track by Oxynucid, Mrs Jynx, and Scrubber Fox respectively take it into 3 entirely different directions, all of them good.  As the album moves on, the mood shifts to a bit of a funkier, head-nodding, foot stomping, acid house frame of mind with some tricky beat programming and a dash of sinister downtempo mixed in for good measure.  I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this release other than it's over too soon.

Volitune - C EP
[The Centrifuge :: 2010]
8 Tracks

1. Exotica (Fast Mix)
2. Flunk
3. Mellowave
4. The Whip
5. Dead Street
6. Exotica (Oxynucid Remix)
7. Exotica (Mrs Jynx Remix)
8. Exotica (Scrubber Fox Remix)

If you like this, you should also check out Volitune's first EP "Binary Waves" available for free download as well.  Volitune - Binary Waves :: FREE DOWNLOAD

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