Brainchops :: Mitch Murder - Elevator Music EP (2011) :: Review

Mitch Murder - Elevator Music EP (2011) :: Review

Friday, February 25, 2011

mm-elevatormusicMitch Murder
Elevator Music EP
[Self-Released :: 2011]

I like that Mitch Murder just comes out and says it: This is Elevator Music.  Tight, sexy production holds this EP together much like the artist's strikingly authentic '80s-inspired stuff, but you won't find a ton of airy adult contemporary keyboard piano sounds or blatant John Hughes film score material here. Think porno background music with a hint of acid, or something you might hear on an "Easy Grooves" paid-for electronica internet radio station.  I dig the expressive synths and acidic rhythm section in opening track "Layers", as well as the subtly "housey" feel of "Quantum State" but overall this EP is a little too smooth for my taste.  I know this is what the Swedish producer aims for, so I can't really knock it - it just isn't my thing.  Stylistically speaking, Elevator Music dances the line between uber-cool and uber-cheesy, but Mitch Murder's skillful execution is undeniable.  So is that to-die-for album art, which is now my desktop wallpaper.

According to the release page, these tracks were written before Mitch Murder went full-on '80s. To get a taste of this artist's latest sound, check out his Burning Chrome album or This Is Now EP.

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Download Mitch Murder - Elevator Music EP :: .ZIP (hi-res album art inside)

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