Brainchops :: Sneakstep - Fuck Winter 2 :: Mix

Sneakstep - Fuck Winter 2 :: Mix

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fuck Winter 2 (Mix)
[Parasol Productions :: 2010]

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"In honor of the temperature being unbearably cold", Sneakstep gives us Fuck Winter 2, another massive DJ mix filled with braindance, idm, electro funk, acid and a hint of '80s stylings to warm up them bones.  You can rest assured DJ Sneakstep will get your body moving - how could you start a mix off with something from Squarepusher's recent Shobaleader One album and not bring the funk?  Although if d'Demonstrator left you cold, VHS Head's "Sunset Everett" is sure to turn up the heat, followed by some DMX Krew, AFX and H.P. Sneakstep-labelmate Mitch Murder. If I'm not mistaken, he even threw in some unreleased stuff, which might give us a little "sneak peak" into 2011.

One of the things I love about Sneakstep mixes is how he interweaves some of our favorite up and coming artists with those that are well known.  In the span of 1 hr 15 mins, we get to hear "Square Wave Rave" from Detroit-infused acid newcomer The Carrier Wave mixed with "ilanders" from Autechre's highly regarded 2010 Oversteps release, and everything in between.   So grab a warm drink, check out this track list, and ENJOY.

Sneakstep - Fuck Winter 2 Tracklist:

sfwm2Squarepusher - Plug Me In
VHS Head - Sunset Everett
DMX Krew - Motion Studies
AFX - Flutternozzle
Mitch Murder - Action Bike
Philops - Excelsior Pils
DJ Bone - We Control the Beat
Mitch Murder - Midnight Mall
BCM - Bismuth Crag
Dynarec - Ordinary Day
The Carrier Wave - Square Wave Rave
Autechre - ilanders
Satellite Child - Holy
DJ Bone - Electronic Birth
Nevenen - somethingscoming
The Carrier Wave - Orange Meanies
A Shared Sexual Experience - Rage Boner (H.P. Sneakstep Mix)
Hautlle - Contraption
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Clone Mobile
Oxynucid - Leffe Blonde
William S Braintree - Higgsloops
Otto Von Schirach - Night Terror
Plus 10 - Rickshaw Funk
The Carrier Wave - Gravity Well (H.P. Sneakstep Remix)
vodor-l-zeck - arbeitscunt
Acidburp - The Spins
wahrk - Shadowrunner Phase II_Downtown
Gaysex Twin - Get Ur Cool On
Uptown Vagrant Railroad
Fah - GeminiMan
H.P. Sneakstep - Cataclysm Theorum (Cosmos Mix)



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