Brainchops :: Monolog X - Didn't They Know Me? EP (2010) :: Review & Interview

Monolog X - Didn't They Know Me? EP (2010) :: Review & Interview

Sunday, September 12, 2010

mx-dtkm-coverMonolog X 
Didn't They Know Me? EP
[envmod :: 2010]

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We all know that the facial hair / good IDM ratio is pretty high, and Monolog X is helping keep it that way.  His latest EP Didn't They Know Me? packs an interesting variety of technique and style into 4 quality tracks, and he sports a most excellent mustache.

This EP has been in my regular listening rotation since it was released a few weeks ago, and it always gets me seriously grooving. Track 1 "I Ain't Playing" gives me a similar feeling to when I'm listening to a really good, jazzy Squarepusher track from one of his earlier albums, but even warmer and fresher.  "Can They Hear My Hunger?" begins with an alarm clock wake-up call and develops a mad scientist feel, during which I can almost imagine Monolog X in a white labcoat, hair all awry, pounding away at his electric piano in a maniacal moment of musical eureka.  MIDI-phorically speaking. 

All of the tracks contained here are quality, but I think my favorite is the title track "Didn't They Know Me?".  From the get go, this bouncy, schizo acid tune will have you looking over your shoulder while you pogo uncontrollably, as its bass hits and stabs infect you with a questionable dance virus.


Download Monolog X - Didn't They Know Me? :: .ZIP of MP3s | Release Page (Current .ZIP contains .aiff master files!)

Want to hear more?  Monolog X has a ton of previous releases worth your bandwidth, my personal favorites being "I Will Bite Your Style" and "Zoo Humans".  So who is this mysterious Mr. X?  Eager to pick the brain of the man behind the music, I telegrammed over a few questions and below are his replies.


Bc: So how did you get hooked up with the envmod guys?

M-X: Internet.

Bc: The tracks on the EP cover quite a variety of styles. Is there a full-length in the works or perhaps more EPs?

M-X: I really enjoy the EP format, because in this day and age people don't really have time to listen through an entire full length unless you're a big name already. So when banging out plenty of EPs I feel I get a larger audience. The variety of styles is a reflection of my musical background as a guitarist, straight edge hardcore guy, rapper and a classical composer. I think there's challenge to giving a track a "Monolog X Sound" regardless of style.

Bc: What is your go-to piece of hardware? Which do you start a track with the most?

M-X: Probably the SH-101. Or simply my brain.

Bc: Who have you been listening to a lot of lately?

M-X: The Chariot and Masshysteri. My mate Trackermatte and Eminem's latest album. That was pretty fat.

Bc: Any plans for playing live soon?

M-X: Would love to play the UK but no planned gigs at the moment.

Bc: If you were cremated and had your ashes pressed into vinyl, what 24 minutes of audio would you choose to have cut into your "death record"?

M-X: Jesus, I don't know. Maybe tracks by Frank Zappa, Eminem, Piazzolla, John Cage, Bach, AFX, Billy Bragg and other shit played at the same time.

mx-stacheBc: How does such a dapper man-about-town have time to cultivate such a stunning mustache AND record excellent chunes? What's your secret?

M-X: My secret is simple: avoiding meat, dairy and alcohol whilst running ultra long distances with my dog on a daily basis. That inspires me to be the best that I can musically.

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