Brainchops :: [CF303] Acid Futures Compilation Volume 1 & 2 from The Centrifuge (2010) :: Review

[CF303] Acid Futures Compilation Volume 1 & 2 from The Centrifuge (2010) :: Review

Thursday, May 27, 2010

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[CF303] Acid Futures Compilation Vol. 1&2
Various Artists (Global Goon, Herv, Tudor Acid, Automatic Tasty, Scrubber Fox, the'idiot, Robot For Brains, Myoptik, The Gasman + more)
[The Centrifuge :: 2010]
Limited [150] CD Run Available Starting May 29, 2010 At Live Events Only
Free MP3 Downloads: Vol I out June 6, 2010, Vol II out June 20, 2010
Release Party Saturday 29th May @ Tacheles, Oranienburgerstrasse, Berlin-Mitte


The monstrous Acid Futures compilation from The Centrifuge collective encapsulates so many amazing tracks by so many great artists, it's like the Baskin Robbins "31 Flavors" of ACID and I simultaneously want to eat them all. There are actually 32 total tracks packaged up in a 2-volume set containing a delicious variety of classic retro acid, fresh new school acid, ambient acid, hardcore acid, soothing acid, dissonant acid, beatbox acid, abstract acid, bouncy acid and so much more.  I pick up on new fills, sounds, and patterns every time I listen, and this compendium as a whole totally satisfies everything I could want or need from an acid braindance release.

The Centrifuge have cultivated a diverse lineup of talented electronic artists for this compilation.  Each artist's style varies from the next, pushing and pulling the boundaries of acid into many directions, but since they're all cooking with similar ingredients so to speak, every track feels like it belongs.  "Non-Fiction" by Cane is a gentle opener full of warm reverb, atmospheric wind, a steady beat, and mellow vocoded vocals, as if to take you by the hand and lead you comfortably into the magical world of acid electro up ahead.  There are many interesting twists and turns on your journey, like Exillon's eerie, pulsing "SWA1" that reminds me of a dark, foggy underground club, or Chevron's punchy "Fasilides" that makes me daydream of bouncing around on giant gummy mushrooms in some kind of candyland.  "Graffiti" by Phlex starts out with spacey experimental sounds and evolves into a thick and funky drum machine beatbox style track.  Brainchops favorite Automatic Tasty (see previous reviews) has given us 2 delectable scoops of blissful analog, "606 Ways To Say..." and "Passenger Funk", both of which stood out right away and had me looking at the track info to see who's they were.  Carl Brown's "Ambienty (Cornwall '92 Mix)" is nearly a Selected Ambient Works II outtake, both brainy and soothing.  And there are a couple of tracks like Cursor Miner's "Millions Of Frogs" that yank you out of your comfort zone with a jolt of piercing, blown-out hardcore acid that makes you want to rip your face off while you rave.  It may be asking too much but I would have liked to see a few other obvious candidates included in this collection - EOD for example - however I will take his absence as a hint of hope for an Acid Futures Volumes III and IV.

Braindance veteran Global Goon is back in action with his dirty dancefloor contribution "MAKEmE", chock full of boomy bass, crunchy snare, and plenty of squelch.  Though I often long for the dreamy days of Vatican Nitez, his new direction is an exciting comeback and I'm looking forward to his next move.

The release launch party is being held in Berlin, Saturday May 29th at Tacheles, where Global Goon will be performing as well as NHK bs (aka Kouhei Matsunaga), Chevron, TechDiff, Herv, Eutechnik (aka Nexus), and missaw.  It's going to be huge and the first copies of the limited run Acid Futures CD will be for sale at the show.


06/06/10 **UPDATE** 

Acid Futures Volume 1 Now Available:
Download ZIP (16 Tracks + Artwork, 320kbps MP3, 172Mb) | Download Page

06/20/10 **UPDATE** 

Acid Futures Volume 2 Now Available:
Download ZIP (16 Tracks + Artwork, 320kbps MP3, 172Mb) | Download Page

Preview Tracks:

Acid Futures Previews by The Centrifuge


Vol I
1. Cane - Non-Fiction
2. Tudor Acid - Robot Cowboy Rides A Robot Horse
3. Chevron - Fasilides
4. Herv - Northern Soulless
5. Tom Yaxley - Ambienty (Carl Brown '92 Cornwall Mix)
6. Cursor Miner - Millions Of Frogs
7. Helico Bacter & My Gloomy Machine - Part III (Kill Ref Glitchacido RMX)
8. Atlas Moth - Okley Sodom
9. Automatic Tasty - 606 Ways To Say...
10. Scrubber Fox - Futurestrasse
11. brokeBust - The Ballad of Frank Olson
12. Myoptik - Acid Combing
13. Quip - t0chre
14. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek - 303EMU
15. Robot for Brains - This Is Life
16. th'idiot - Korg Duet

Vol II
17. Roy of the Ravers - Acid Hors D'Oeuvre
18. The Gasman - Pepsin Esters
19. The Doubtful Guest - 180 Bassup
20. Odan - Trade Union Acid
21. Automatic Tasty - Passenger Funk
22. Exillon - SWA1
23. JK - HK2
24. Global Goon - MAKEmE
25. Terrificolor - Synchronisme
26. Phlex - Graffiti
27. Rival Consoles - Agenda
28. Vertical67 - Last Shades Acid
29. 5k3k51 - Workq Kernteturn518
20. NeuTek - Orinoco
31. The Weather Channel - Weather Channel 4
32. Oxynucid - WATMM Wedding (Ursa's WATMM Funeral Remix)


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EOD in fact sent us a track for inclusion, just a little too late to make the compilation. next time perhaps...

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