Brainchops :: The Tuss - Rushup Edge (2007) :: Review

The Tuss - Rushup Edge (2007) :: Review

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tuss
Rushup Edge
[Rephlex :: 2007]


Hello and welcome to Brainchops :: The Braindance Blog.  Though I started this blog to explore and share some lesser known braindance / IDM / acid / chiptune artists and releases, I thought it only fitting that my first post be on the man who single-handedly championed the Braindance genre: Mr. Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin.  He needs no introduction as anyone reading this blog is here because they are familiar the Rephlex Records catalog and are hungry for more.  But I'd like start this off on a solid foundation and discuss the release "Rushup Edge" by The Tuss.  It hasn't been officially confirmed by Rephlex or RDJ that The Tuss is in fact RDJ, but anyone familiar with his legacy is 99.9999% sure that The Tuss' alleged members "Brian and Karen Tregaskin" are actually him. Other evidence can be found where The Tuss tracks are credited to RDJ in both the BMI Repetoire catalog and on IMDb, but do we really need further proof?  Draw your own conclusions by all means, but I am a believer.

Consequently at the time of this posting, The Tuss - Rushup Edge [Rephlex CAT 189] is the latest output we've received from Mr. Richard D. James, and though it is nothing short of a perfect electronic music album, I have to admit it only quenched my thirst for a short time.  I can't tell if it's because it only contains 6 tracks, if his new direction is less satisfying for the long term, or if I've become spoiled with his back catalog and will never be rid of the insatiable hunger for more classic Aphex Twin.  Rushup Edge for me is an amalgamation of the different techniques Mr. James has explored over the years, a stew of AFX Acid, Aphex Twin odd wizardry, Richard D. James melody, and Caustic Window harshness, all seeping into our ears and bubbling over our brains.  Synthacon 9 starts the album off with some dirty acid, haunting pads, worky bass lines and synth leads, as well as vocoded lyrics that start about halfway through.  Absorbing this track for the first time I made an instant association with his Analord series, but much more expanded, creeping over the lines of his other styles.  In any case, he keeps the track going from start to finish with fast paced, intertwining patterns that appeal to both the brain and the feet.  Last Rushup 10 is next, a bit more downtempo and contains thoughtful melody progressions featuring some very Aphex Twin sounds.  (The apparent use of the coveted GX-1 is yet another clue leading fans to believe The Tuss is in fact Richard D. James, as he is one of the few owners of this rare synth.)  The album closes with Goodbye Rute, a very Aphexy, walking-paced meanderer with the perfect mix of resonant bass, bubbly pops, clicks, and pads both crunchy and soothing.  The last few seconds dwindle down to a mellow bassline and the ambient reverb of a sound that once was, which eases you into the following silence like a gentleman.

The meat and potatoes of this release contains some excellent sound wankery, brainy beats, and bedeviling bassline / lead combos guaranteed to give you Sequoia wood and then knock you out.  But like most fans, after a few years of clinging to this album, I am anxious for the next thing to come.  Until then, I continue to explore the underground scene of music makers scattered across the globe, and here is where I will report my findings.

Unofficial video for The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12

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