Brainchops :: Pselodux - City Fighter Jacky In Poke World (2009) :: Review

Pselodux - City Fighter Jacky In Poke World (2009) :: Review

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pselodux - City Fighter Jacky In Poke WorldPselodux
City Fighter Jacky In Poke World
[Self Released :: 2009]
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Imagine yourself locked up in your bedroom in the middle of the night with the lights off, playing the Super Nintendo side-scroller version of some obscure, late '80s after hours action flick and you might begin to understand the feeling that Australian electronic composer Pselodux has captured with his self-released album "City Fighter Jacky In Poke World".

It kicks off with a very upbeat video game music feel, but in this 7-track epic Pselodux shows us that he is much more than just a chiptune artist.  "Tabs For Harold" has an optimistic level-1, stage-1 vibe, and then "Spacebound" comes around the corner to deliver pensive electro krautrock that would serve as the perfect backdrop to a serious montage scene involving a dark hero driving through the night with a lot on his mind.  The album takes an even moodier turn at the Autecherish "Creion", with knocking rhythms, synthy echoes, and a broad, sweeping bassline that will have you hypnotized.  "Tactful Mokey" provides the journey with some gorgeous ambiance, both melodic and emotional, to round everything out.  Pselodux closes the album with a 13 minute masterpiece full of twists, turns, and tempo changes, bringing all of the previous themes and styles together in one big wrap-up. I feel like I could write in-depth about each track, but I don't want to give any more details away.  Let's just say that the skillful execution of this release and the emotional impact it had on me was pleasantly unexpected and I am anxious to hear more from this talented artist.

<a href="">Tabs For Harold by Pselodux</a>

Connect with Pselodux :: Bandcamp | MySpace | YouTube

Or check out his post-rock project "Rooftop Access" for a different flavor.


Anonymous said...

I like, not heard of it before, good listen, thx :) said...

You're welcome! This album really took me by surprise. You might have seen already, but Pselodux has 2 previous releases on his Bandcamp page that are worth grabbing too.

pselodux said...

thanks for the nice words! just in case you haven't seen yet, i have a new release at the bandcamp page now, it's called 'galaxy of moving objects'. thanks!

Bas said...

Hi.. looking for Pselodux - City Fighter Jacky In Poke World, but cant find it on bandcamp anymore.. help? Really like the sound! (please contact me Pselodux) said...

@Bas - the embedded player in the article above is from that album's bandcamp page. If you click "Buy" you can download it that way. Or go direct to the bandcamp page HERE

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